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dia de los muertos

die cut paper skulls, drawn and colored by kristin chapman

Inspired by last weekends day of the dead celebration at the Oakland Museum of California, my husband and I made these paper sugar skulls to hang in the window. Despite the rain, we enjoyed checking out all the arts and crafts for the kids, the dancing and the exhibit VIVO: Days of the Dead 2010. Although it was a small exhibit, it had great work.


Eternal Lovers installation by Tino Rodriguez at OMOC

One of my personal favorites was Eternal Lovers by Tino Rodriguez. Anytime an artist invites the viewer to interact with the piece always wins me over. Looking and not touching can get annoying when your in a museum. So when an artist keeps the viewer in mind with interaction it gives the piece a sense of community as well as feedback. In Rodriguez's piece it demonstrates the use of love, memory and eternal life. In his statement he reflects on a personal memory of visiting the cemetery for Days of the Dead, which although might be culturally common in Mexico, in the states our visits are short and rarely do you see someone picnicking on a grave site. Which is a shame, more people should picnic in cemeteries. There such beautiful places and the lack of living makes it peaceful, yes, but also makes the dead forgotten which is sad. Rodriguez welcomes viewers to add their own thoughts of love, demonstrating that there is life in death with remembrance, love and tradition.


die cut paper skulls, drawn and colored by sonny rocka


I was hoping to check out MOCFA's VOLVER exhibit this weekend but the little one was I am stuck writing this post. ;-) But MOCFA exhibit goes till January so I still have time. VIVO goes till December at OMOC, there is also a PIXAR exhibit at OMOC that is worth checking out too! K