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Swan Dive in UNG Drill frame

The last SEVERAL months I have been rummaging thrift stores for ornate frames but I keep coming up empty handed. So when we took that trip to IKEA for the HEMMA cords for the studio and I saw the UNG Drill frame I thought it would be perfect for our living room if only it were...RED!

And red it became! Now what to put in an oval frame? I sat in my living room and pondered. Typically you see victorian portraits and profile silhouettes, which neither one interest me. But I liked the idea of something in black, simple and iconic. Our living room reminds me of a swimming pool with the aqua walls and a tray ceiling which is also aqua. So I immediately thought of a swimmer, better yet a diver, someone gearing up to dive in a pool oerhaps, vintage of course with the full on swim suit and cap. Searching Google images for vintage divers I found many old photographs of women swan diving which I thought was the perfect icon for my vintage diver. Of course the water was the toughest part to figure out. From straight lines to full on ripples making the water look right was frustrating and believe it or not took a few days of coming back too. But when I figured it out I couldn't have been more pleased. I originally had a diving board in the image, but my husband thought it was not necessary and suggested I loose it. So I did,  polling my friends on FB before taking it out.

The final image was done by hand in black ink on BFK Rives cream watercolor paper. At last the living room has finally been christened by hanging something on the wall! the ideas are beginning to flow! k