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Sketchbook Project 2011

Mis Spelt © creativebleed, kristin chapman

With so many projects on the table it feels good to finally complete one! Yea for me! This morning I mailed my sketchbook into the Art House Co-op for their 2011 Sketchbook Project. My theme was Nighttime Stories which evolved into illustrating/doodling words I often misspell or have embarrassingly misspelled. I kept mine pretty simple giving myself 20 minutes or more to doodle a word, using pencil and ink.

Doodling the words I so often misspell © creativebleed, kristin chapman

Although my regular sketchbook doesn't look like this, it is clean and minimal but filled with random thoughts, notes, doodles, thumbnails and little pieces of random paper. And I never, ever draw on the cover. I always think I will but instead I  move on to a new sketchbook, same size with a black cover.

definitely © creativebleed, kristin chapman

This was a fun project but at the same time a difficult one. I couldn't just use this book as my regular sketchbook because I wouldn't be able to turn it in at the end. My sketchbook is a personal record, that I often revisit. (and no, pictures of the sketchbook pages are not the same thing. I need to hold it and feel the ink or pencil marks). I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Although I do enjoy looking at other artist's books because I think it's neat to see the left brain in action.  It made me realize how contrived many of the books become in a project like this (mine included).

consensus© creativebleed, kristin chapman

I don't necessarily think that it is a bad thing, in fact I feel like it is almost necessary in a project like this which is why I think the themes are relevant. With possibly over 28,000 sketchbooks on tour, where would a viewer begin! Besides a sketchbook being thought out as opposed to freeflowing is still a process that could potentially lead to a more fleshed out/final project. Anyways, moving on...

financial © creativebleed, kristin chapman

The tour starts February 19th at the Brooklyn Art Museum and will be in San Francisco on June 18 at the Minna Gallery. For more dates and cities, click here.

Weird © creativebleed, kristin chapman

(Yes, I ONCE misspelled weird! I know!)

Spell © Kristin Chapman creativebleed

You can check out some of the sketchbooks online as well as other Art House Co-op projects by clicking here. There is some really cool stuff! k