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Fun With Owls Part 1: Owl Ball Felt Toy

Two weeks ago we celebrated our little’s birthday. We did an autumn owl theme which turned out to be really fun. Having a cold the week before and a few rainy days the week of, I had some indoor time that left me making all of the party decorations. These decorations are super easy and fun for a themed birthday party, fall decor or just a fun arts and crafts project. Enjoy! K

Owl Ball Felt Toy

These were made as a take home party favor for the little ones. Not only are they cute, but they are easy to make and could become another animal easily with different shapes and pieces cut from felt.


1 - full 9 x 12 sheet any color for the body
2 - 2” circles white or cream for eyes
2 - 1/2” brown circles for pupils
2 - 2.5 x 3.5” brown ovals for wings
1 - orange, brown, or yellow diamond for beak

Tacky Glue
Piece of Ric Rac or sturdy ribbon
Small Ball - Pinky Hi Bouce Balls work perfectly


1.) Cut pieces according template which you can download here or create your own.

2.) Take your ball and colored sheet of felt and wrap the ball.

Place the ball in the center and fold in the short sides, gather up the long sides, allowing one side to be slightly longer.

3.) Tie the ric rac at the top of the ball.

4.) Tuck the top of the felt to form the shape of the owl's head. Use glue to hold.

5.)  Tuck the oval shaped wings beneath the ric rac and secure with a little glue, on each side.

6.) Glue both big circles side by side to the center of owls head, okay to overlap a little.

7.) Glue each small circle in the center of the big circle to complete the eyes.

8.) Glue the widest part of the diamond beneath the eyes in the center to make the beak.

9.) Let the glue dry and now you have an owl. Enjoy!