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DIY Halloween: Easy Sailor Getup

Sailor Getup Back © creativebleed

Happy Halloween! Thought I’d share this cute little homemade costume post. It’s inexpensive to make, materials can be found easily second hand and it is perfect for Halloween or dress-up play for children.


Navy blue or white shirt. Long sleeved or polo shirts work the best.
Navy blue or white cloth placemat, pillowcase, felt or fabric.
White or navy blue ribbonWhite, navy blue, gold or red stars.
Bottoms: Navy blue or white pants, skirt, shorts or  tights.
Fabric Pencil
Fabric Glue

Note: This post is to serve as inspiration using thrift store finds to make a costume. Depending on what you find and who the costume is for will alter how the costume is made and it’s outcome.

Girls Sailor Dress © creativebleed
For My daughter I found a girls navy blue Polo shirt at Goodwill. Its a few sizes to big but it will work as a dress with leggings for bottoms. A fitting polo shirt will work too with pants or a skirt. Since school uniforms are so popular navy blue and white polo shirts should be easy to find second hand for kids. For the jumper flap or collar I used a navy blue cloth placemat. I think a pillow case, runner, scarf or towel would also work. If nothing else you can make the jumper flap from felt or cloth.

sailor getup materials © creativebleed

1.) Gather your materials.

2.) Launder your items before starting and iron if needed.

Cut a neck hole in flap or cut the ends to make into a scarf © creativebleed
3.) Start with the jumper flap by cutting a neck hole or making it into a scarf to tie in the front.

Embellish Jumper Flap © creativebleed
4.) Embellish the jumper flap
a.) Glue white ribbon around the edges of the flap.
Three stripes each no less then an 1/8 “ apart.
b.) Add a star in each inside corner.
I used a star applique, but a star shaped button would work too or felt.

Embellish shirt © creativebleed
5.) (Optional)Embellish the shirt. I glued white ribbon along the bottom of the shirt, making three stripes. If you have long sleeves glue 3 stripes on the bottom of the sleeves.

Sailor Getup Front © creativebleed
6.) Attach flap to shirt. I made my jumper flap like a scarf and secured it with an anchor brooch. A rubber band, clasp or ribbon would work too. You could also keep the ends intact and slip it over the head like picture above step 3.

Homemade Sailor Getup © creativebleed

7.) Don't forget a sailor hat!

Enjoy! K