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a killer play kitchen! Ever since I saw a homemade play kitchen made from a night stand, I have been dreaming of my own daughter's play kitchen. I loved mine when I was little, looking back it was straight up big 70's. Bright yellow appliances with a brick back splash! Yes! What's not to love? I spent hours playing in my "apartment", aka a walk-in closet cooking up all kinds of yummy treats. As soon as my little started serving me her freshly brewed crayon tea, I knew it was time to get that kitchen set I have been dreaming about going. So, I have had my eye out for a piece of furniture that would inspire me and was reasonably priced or better yet, free.

Stove Before © creativebleedSink Before © creativebleed

After Thanksgiving we had a little thrifting excursion in our local hood. As we were hopping from one shop to the next we were discussing the very subject of play kitchens when low and behold we walked in to the next shop only to discover a play kitchen set! There beneath a table of once loved stuffed animals was a sink and stove. A simple pink and white set with blue and yellow accent colors. The set itself was in great condition. The only thing it was missing was the faucet piece that went over the sink and a fridge (which is not a necessity). Of course we stood there looking at it, actually debating: making our own vs. buying this one. Despite the enormous amount of kids toys I have seen at yard sales and thrift shops I honestly don't ever recall seeing a kitchen play set (of course I was never really looking untill recently). It is sort of a rare kids item to see second hand. For one they are expensive toys, usually require assemblage and if it's a nice set they usually get passed down. I know my set did, it was given to a family friend. The poor girl must of hated it, the set was 10+ years older then her. Anyways, back to this decision which was obvious: the set was $40 and already assembled. To make one ourselves or purchase a new one it would more then likely run at least $100 bucks. Not to mention the time and arguments a couple would have configuring a homemade set or deciphering the pictographs aka instructions (ikea) for assembling a new set.  So yes, let's skip all that work and frustration and get to the fun part. Let's pimp this set out!!! Too be continued. k

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