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Pimp my fridge

Play fridge before © creativebleed

Santa's elves have been slaving away during nap time the last week to get one special girl's kitchen play set tricked out in time for Christmas! We have removed handles and doors and begun painting. But before I get into the remodeling process, I must back up to the day we found the set. As we were configuring how to fit the two piece set into my car (along with the jogging stroller already taking up most of the trunk), the clerk came out and said, "the guy just dropped off the fridge, do you want it?"

"Of course!" So now our two piece set is a three piece set. One elf drives the sleigh with a fridge and a stove while the other runs through town with a jogging stroller and a sink, Merry Christmas!

Prep to paint © creativebleed

So lets get to work! We started by cleaning the set up and removing all the handles, small parts and doors. We chose to leave the set white and repaint the doors magenta with silver hardware. 

Painting fridge door with magnetic paint © creativebleed

Starting with the fridge, we thought it would be cool to have it actually be magnetic. I had some left over magnetic paint from a project last year so I started painting the front of the door. Of course after the second coat, I came to the conclusion that the paint was no longer good, there was not the slightest pull. My mind already set on a magnetic fridge we broke down and bought more paint (the stuff is not cheap). In the end the fridge got 6 coats of magnetic paint, then a thin layer of white paint before the magenta went on. Does it work? Of course! Although the darn thing chips easily and the surface is a little rough from the foam roller, it does work and is cohesive with the rest of the set.

Close-Up of dispenser on door. Note the texture and where the paint seeped through the mask. ©creativebleedFor the ice dispenser in the fridge door I painted the inside white and then masked around the levers and painted the levers silver to match the handles. One problem I encountered was the silver paint which caused the white paint beneath to bubble. I am afraid to know the answer to why that happened, but I ended up having to completely remove all the white paint from the levers before painting it silver. I still have some touch ups, but I think it came out ok, and the best part is you can stick magnets to it, just like a real fridge. K

Fridge after ©creativebleed

Too be continued.