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Let's get cooking!

Kitchen Playset after© creativebleed

Wow, this week went by super fast! Even though we started this set a few weeks ago and most of it was done, it was all the little touches that ended up coming down to the wire. The sink got the biggest make over, we decided to paint the whole thing white to give it that apron sink feel. We removed the cabinet door and made a curtain instead. The original faucet was missing so my husband used a plastic "J" pipe for the faucet and bathroom replacement knobs. He even drilled a hole in the bottom of the sink. How cute is that?

Sink After © creativebleed

While installing the faucet, the top accidently got cracked, so we thought it best to tile it to cover our bad. It was suprisingly easy. We got a sample sheet of small white tile from a local tile store and grouted that sucker in. It came out surprisingly well.

© creativebleedThe stove didn't need much just some new paint. The tea towel was screen printed by our friend Jennifer J, who also made some little menu cards to go with. We added a Green Toy pot and frying pan and stocked the fridge with some empty food packages.

© creativebleed

For the used set and materials we probably spent around $140, which is a little over budget, mainly because of that darn magnetic paint. Sure we probably could have purchased a new set for the price, but what fun is that? Plus, we kept the money within our community and gave our daughter something custom for Christmas. And I am happy to say it's been a big hit we have been cooking all morning! K


Used play kitchen from Valley Care Thrift, Tile from Western Tile Design Center, Fabric from In Between Stitches, Cherry Blossom Montana Gold Paint from Richards, Hardware and paint from OSH and Lowes.

 See before pics here.