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Metal Prints

© kristin chapman, creative bleedWhen the UPS man handed me the thin envelope this morning, I was a little confused. What could this be? I am expecting a few different items for the holiday but when I saw Santa Cruz on the return label, I was SUPER excited. It was the sample prints I ordered from Bay Photo of This Place Was Clean Yesterday. I just order a sample pack of 4x6 metal prints less then 48 hours ago. Wow, that was really quick!

Since I took these shots back in September I knew metal would be a great medium, so I have been wanting to have these printed on aluminium for a few months now.

© kristin chapman, creative bleed

Now I need to make a decision on the finish. The sample pack comes in High Gloss, Satin, Sheer Gloss and Sheer Matte. I am leaning on the Sheer Gloss. They all look awesome but the sheer's really show the metal. Although some of the image details are lost I feel they are irrelevant and the look of metal adds a little something more. I'd like the whole series to be uniform so I have ordered another sample pack of a different image. We will see how it looks before having them printed larger.

Although this series is still a work in progress, I will be donate at least one of these metal prints for the Combat Bound Art Show and Fundraiser next week. K