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SJ Made 2011

Parking Meters will do anything for attention © kristin chapman, creativebleed

Last weekend we checked out SJ Made in San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose. It was an intimate event featuring local artists and crafters selling handmade goods.

San Jose MADE © kristin chapman, creativebleed

Although it was sad to see two large empty restaurant spaces in San Pedro Square, I was glad to see them put to good use. The event took place were the Tied House and Spiedo once resided and lasted from noon till 8pm. The event was free to the public and although I don't know the logistics of the event, it was a great way to utilize vacant space downtown and support local artist as well as surrounding businesses.

Some of my favorites were: Studio M.M.E. (which I bought a few prints from), Trash Amps (impressive) and Vivi Kids.


SJ Eats...or not. © kristin chapman, creativebleed

I have to say the SJ Eats was a little disappointing...I herd it was a big hit with people waiting in line for over two hours. Of course when we got there at 4, the lines were gone and the trucks were packing up. Hmm... bummer. k