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Red Fuzz Sketchbook

red fuzz sketch from Creative Bleed on Vimeo.

As promised here are the scans from the book in its entirety that I submitted for the Fiction Project last month. I hope to take these sketches further in the next few months into a more finalized book. As always feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks K

Red Fuzz
by Kristin Chapman

Red Fuzz
Why must you go with me

Your in my hair
and even


Red Fuzz
You collect in the corners of my ROOM
And stick to the bottom of a BROOM

Red Fuzz
I see you on my daddy's beard
It makes him look kinda of WEIRD

Red Fuzz
Sometimes I feel you on my FACE
but the worst is when I see you on my PLATE

Red Fuzz
I pick you off my CLOTHES
and in between my TOES

Red Fuzz
Your on my COAT when I go to school
I see you floating when I am in the POOL

Red Fuzz
You're in my BED
Always snuggled up to my bear Ted

Red Fuzz
I know where you come from
that comfy rug I play on.

The one mom vacuums everyday
"This Red Fuzz wont go away!"

"It's like havin a dog"
she frets
Only the rug is not our pet

Red Fuzz

You're Here
You're There

You're Everywhere

Although people may stare
"Look at the family with Red Fuzz in their hair"

We take it in stride
Wear our Red Fuzz with pride
This is who we ARE

At least we know
is not far.

The End