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I have been gardening...

With summer around the corner, I have been spending much of my days in the backyard getting my garden going. I started back in April when I got two galvanized stock tanks from the local feed store. My husband drilled holes in the bottom and put them on wheels to not only raise them off the ground but also give us the option to move them around if we need to.  I planted peppers in one, back in April and last week I sprinkled mesclun mix and green onions in the other. The peppers seem to be doing good. Despite the vines above have filled in completely, It still gets sun till about 2 o’clock. I also thinned out the vines above each tank, so it gets some filtered sun light in the afternoon.

It is a bit of an investment, but I felt it was comparable to building redwood or cedar garden boxes. I also love the look of the galvanized tanks especially once it ages. It also helps enclose the trellis along with the old windows giving us a sort of outdoor room that will soon be our outdoor dining room. I hope to share more on that in a few weeks. k