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Inspiration Field Trip: Buying Salvaged Materials

Vintage Cabinet @ ReStore ©creativebleed

Two weekends ago my husband and I set out to find some salvaged supplies for a table we are currently making for our backyard. So we hit up the Hubitat for Humanity ReStore in Oakland and Urban Ore in Berkeley. It was our first time at the ReStore and I have to say it's pretty nice. The ReStore is very organized and the cat piss smell is fairly minimal compared to Urban Ore.

windows © creativebleed

The ReStore has a lot of vintage and contemporary cabinets and great place to hit up if your remodelling your kitchen or bathroom. Unfortunately they had no galvanized pipe, which was what we were shopping for so our trip continued on to Urban Ore were we indeed found our galvanized pipes for a great price (stuff is not cheap new).

door plates @ Urban Ore ©creativebleed

Urban Ore has an overwhelming amount of sinks, claw foot tubs, windows and doors. There is an attempt at organization but for the most part it feels like a junkyard museum with hipster types scampering about. If you can get past the attitude and the fear that what ever you take home wont smell like cat piss its worth checking out, they have some really neat things. Besides salvage building materials, inside they have furniture, antiques, clothing and just a little bit of everything. If you go, I recommend checking out the website for hours and rules. Don't forget both these places are not only great for shopping but you can also donate too! K