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WIP: Steel Cabinet

steel cabinet ©creativebleed

Rather then waiting till AFTER I finish something to blog about it, perhaps I should start posting entries as I go. It is all about the process, right?

At an estate sale a couple months ago, I picked up this steel cabinet. It’s a thin steel cabinet with some minor rust and a few small dents. The size of the cabinet and the fact that it was steel is what drew me to it. Its approx.  22” x 60” x 12” it even has a Pittsburg Steel sticker inside with a serial number.

laundry room...shameful ©creativebleed

There are three places I have in mind for it: the bathroom, the laundry room, the studio. The laundry room would probably be the most fitting place for it. My laundry room/food storage room is more like a hallway from the kitchen to the backdoor that consist of a broom closet, a pantry, washer and dryer and refrigerator. Yes, its pretty tight in there! There is also a counter/cabinet and a wall cabinet that takes up a lot of valuable space that was left by the previous owners. Not only is the storage too deep to be useful, but it’s also a clutter magnet, as you can see. So I am thinking this steel cabinet will be a nice replacement that will give us some more space.

So my plan is to remove the rust from the cabinet and repaint the cabinet. I haven’t decided how I want to paint it. But I’d like to do something fun. The laundry room is a bright aqua color, Dutch Boy Lake Superior to be exact. The base board, doors, trim and appliances are all white. Obviously white would work nicely, but that’s kinda of boring. I am open to suggestions so feel free to comment. And stay tune to see what happens! K