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Fuchsia and White Steel Cabinet

 © creativebleed steel cabinet

So here it steel cabinet. Finished it last week but I just brought it inside the other day. It ended up being tricker then I anticipated.

left: bottom after sanding. right: bottom finished

Removing the rust was fairly easy, except for the bottom which took some elbow grease. To remove the rust, I used both sanding and vinegar. Vinegar works surprisingly well but can also cause rust too. If vinegar gets anyplace where there is no rust, it will start rusting. This also applies to most rust removers such as navel jelly. Sanding is really the best solution and gives you the most control with a project like this.

I used a little bit of Bondo on the bottom to seal the small holes and deep pits from the rust, then sprayed the parts I sanded with a Rust-Oleum primer. Using a foam roller and low VOC latex paint I painted the inside and the door with a white semi-gloss and the outside fuchsia. I put new hardware on and had my husband do some freehand work on the doors.

© creativebleed. Cabinet close-up, Artwork by Sonny Rocka

In conclusion, the cabinet is functional for the space and cost me well under $50 for the cabinet and materials. My biggest gripe in regards to the cabinet is the just doesn't have that gloss. In a perfect world I would have preferred powder coating. For this particular cabinet, I just couldn't justify the cost. When it comes to painting metal, powder coating is really the way to go.

There are still a few things I need to do, seal the doors to protect the artwork and I am considering painting the knobs. I think it could use some color on the front. k