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Pipe Table

Rusted pipe table at Alameda Point

Back in February we spotted this table at the Point. It was exactly what we were looking for our outdoor dining area. Of course at Point prices this was out of our reach but we felt we could tackle this one on our own. So earlier this summer we got to work making one. We started by scouting out materials and coming up with a plan based on the height of the chairs we had and the space the table would live in.

 © creativebleed

The result became a 10 ft in length custom table and a new windshield. We started by gathering used galvanized pipe from Urban Ore in Berkeley. Then headed over to Lowes to have the pipe cut to the dimensions we needed and purchased new fittings. Next we assembled the frame, by basically attaching the fittings to the pipes.

Frame made from salvaged galvanized pipe and new fittings © creativebleed

Once the frame was assembled we used salvaged redwood from Oakland's ReUse Store and assembled the top. This is were my windshield broke. Turns out the boards were just a bit too long for the car.

Table completed frame close-up © creativebleed

Using two supporting panels that go over the pipe, the redwood was then nailed to the tops to complete the table. And wha la we have a table customized to the length of the space and height of the chairs.

Table top close-up © creativebleed

This is not a cheap DIY project, it can be an investment depending on the source of materials and size of the table. We saved big bucks using salvaged pipe and redwood. The biggest expense was the new windshield, but that included, it was still a fraction of what a table this size would retail for. And yes we have been enjoying it all summer long! k