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Wrought Iron Bakers Rack Gets A Color Punch

Before © creativebleed

In between sanding and painting the cabinet a few weeks ago, I decided to paint this old bakers rack that I have been toting around FOREVER. For many years I have talked about painting it and growing lots of plants on it. It sort of just sat in the backyard over the many houses we lived in accumulating empty pots, dead plants, ashtrays, BBQ accessories, beer caps and other random pieces of trash. At one point it even had this awful gold plastic trim around the shelf edges till one day my husband pulled it off in disgust, pleading "Can't we just get rid of it?"

But I like it, I am sucker for anything swirly plus wrought iron always works in the garden. So while I had the steel wool and paint out, I finally tackled it. I gave it a good once over with the steel wool to just clean up dirt and some surface rust. I put more elbow grease where the gold trim was but I could not remove all the glue so I just left it. It comes through a bit but it doesn't bother me. Then I painted with Valspar Spray Paint in Aqua.

After © creativebleed

Once the shelf was back in place, I embellished the top with a ceramic cow skull I found at the thrift store for 50 cents. Yep, I spray painted that too (it was this awful mauve with a spray of turquoise, yuck!) then I attached it with wire. It quickly became my favorite thing on the rack.

Orange totes organize outside toys ©creativebleed

Next I found these orange totes from Target's dollar bins. I hung them with "S" hooks so they tilt and the little one can grab toys with ease. On the top shelf I stashed some of my garden tools that get frequent use.

Vintage kitchen Tupperware are now planters © creativebleed

Finally I got some flowers. I turned old Tupperware containers I thrifted into pots by drilling a hole in the bottom and using the lids as saucers. Neat little touch to a bakers rack, don't you think? I am pretty excited about how it came out and finally it has purpose plus it looks cool. k

Put a skull on it © creativebleed

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