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Pardon my dust

WIP: Caretto Dresser © creativebleed

Now that the holidays over and I have had some time to relax, I started working on the Caretto Dresser I posted about back in November. Today I finished sanding and filling up indentations in the wood with a wood filler. I get the impression that this is a piece that must of been sold unfinished and the consumer gets to finish it. Things start to look pretty sloppy once you start peeling back those layers. The wood is beat up pretty good which I do like but think it would be best to paint it. So I have decided to try milk paint. I am really excited about it!

Besides the dresser I have started to redesign the site and finally get my portfolio up again. It has been down for over a year, so I started working on it over the weekend and I hope to launch it by the end of the month. Most likely sooner. So if the site starts looking a little wonky that is why. Even though I am working from a disabled template, it still alters the live site, damn you Squarespace! With that being said,  pardon my dust while I sand, paint and move things around. K