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orange box shelves

after: orange box shelves © creativebleed

A while back I picked up these boxes while thrift shopping, I thought they'd make fun shadow boxes. Of course they just sat for the next few years in my studio in the shadow of randomness and clutter. So it goes.

before: thrifted box shelves © creativbleed

Seeing them again, I knew instantly they needed to be orange. So with help from my little one we painted a base coat on each box with some leftover wall paint. We did each box a different color: magenta, aqua and yellow. Once the base coat dried I applied a weathered glaze, then the orange latex paint.

base coat and glaze © creativebleed

The boxes hang as shelves in the laundry room. My laundry detergent is now displayed proudly, along with some commonly used art supplies: colored chalk, paint brushes and finger paints (in the pots). A few knick knacks, some art ("If Fishes Were Wishes" by Meg Eckman) and a bit of irony (limited edition Campbell's Soup cans commemorating 50 years of Andy Warhol's "32 Campbell's Soup Cans"). It's a colorful display of small collections mixed with commonly used items that will change over time. A mini museum of life. k