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DIY Halloween: Simply Tinkerbell

tinker bell apron dress © creativebleed

My favorite holiday, Halloween is just a few days away! This year my little requested Tinker Bell. She has been talking about Halloween and being Tinker Bell for the last 2 months. So Saturday morning she finally got to wear her costume to the Downtown Halloween Carnival. Although it was tempting to just pick-up a Tinker Bell costume for $20 at the store and be done with it. I of course decided to bust out the sewing machine and make one myself. This isn't to save money or because I necessarily love to sew but because I love Halloween and I adore homemade costumes. Even if it something popular like Tinker Bell.

tinker bell apron dress © creativebleed

Sewing is not my strong suit and patterns are expensive, so I decided to construct my own. Of course I don't have a tutorial for you (I am just bragging). But I will share my thought process, because this is a rather simple costume construction.

Using my daughter's existing cooking apron as a template for the top I used a chartreuse shimmer flannel from JoAnns (I choose this fabric solely because of it's color and glitter). For the bottom I was inspired by this tinker bell apron skirt by the diy mommy, which makes up the bottom portion of the apron. I shortened the apron an inch or two at the bottom, then added a layer of tulle to the bottom seam. Then I sewed the leaf skirt on top of the lower half of the apron. I used shimmer tulle at the bottom of the apron and also for the apron string. The apron is adjustable and ties in a nice big bow at her waist which acts as her "wings" (since she won't wear wings).

tinker bell ballet slippers © creativebleed

My favorite is the shoes. I just used ballet slippers from Target ($7) and spray painted them with some leftover green glitter paint I had in the studio. I topped them with the biggest white pom poms I could find. (I probably should of went a size down, but I like to exaggerate).

It is a simple costume to make that only took a few hours in two evenings and that included an hour of  troubleshooting my machine. Although I purchased WAY more fabric then I needed, with the shoes it still cost me around $20. It was definitely cost effective but mostly fun to do! K

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