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Photography: Good Throw

good throw © kristin chapman, 2012

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph my first family portrait. Gus Romo and his family are long time friends and he is an incredible portrait painter who clearly understands the dynamic of expression, see his work here.

This was a fun sitting and definitely a learning opportunity for me. My favorite image was taken towards the end of the session. We had just done some bridge shots when father and son decide to explore at the bottom of the bridge. I honestly wouldn’t have given this tree a second thought because it is a spooky looking tree. With so many beautiful and interesting trees in the park, this one is by far the least, but it did surprisingly create a really nice image.

This is an informal portrait but so telling and natural. Moments like these are what I aim to capture. I know some people may consider this a very passive form of portraiture but to me I think it’s the family who makes the image, I am just there to preserve it. Traditional portraits definitely have their place and we got plenty of those. But an image like this really tells a story and becomes timeless because it’s about the moment it captures and not about how we looked. Enjoy these moments and celebrate them when they happen! K