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Tire Hose Pots

tire hose pot by Tire Chic

This weekend we hit up The Point in search of a kitchen cart/island type thing. Which I am pleased to say we found and went home very happy. Life in my kitchen just got way easier! In our search I came across some flower planters and hose pots made from an inside out tire. I thought these where pretty cool and a nice twist from the traditional tire planter. Yes anyone could make these! All you would need is a sharp object, paint and a tire. But honestly the thought of trying to turn a tire inside out in the hot sun and then scallop the edges to look like a flower sounds like a lot of work that I am willing to pay for. I bought the hose pot shown above. I keep looking at hose pots, hangers and reels at the hardware store but nice ones are bucks and the cheap ones look like they’ll break in no time. Plus I like funky things and now I have a place for the hose.
This afternoon while driving I happened to see 3 old tires that someone ditched on the side of the road. Yes, it did cross my mind...but like I said I rather be doing other things at the moment then flip a tire inside out. If your dying to have one check out Tire Chic or for a DIY tutorial see this video. K