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a difference a window makes

Before: Garage when we first moved in. What appears to be a window is really an old window frame with a piece of plexi glass that covers about 3/4 of the opening. After: a real window!!! © creativebleed

It has been some time since I have posted about the studio space. Recently we have made some new renovations to help develop the space. As I mentioned before it’s an old unfinished detached garage. By unfinished I mean no drywall, insulation, etc. The garage itself is built from REAL redwood 2x4’s which I have learned to respect. The wood is warm, aged but not deteriorating and it’s in great shape.

Before: An old utility shelf that was accessed from the outside took up valuable space inside and felt intrusive. After: A nice size window that allows more light inside. © creativebleed

The garage has two windows or shall I say window openings, with no actual windows. One of the windows was a window at one time, a very long time ago. The other was an outdoor utility shelf that came into the garage. One window is above my workspace so it was virtually impossible to keep any thing clean. Papers would curl because of moisture and there was just so many bugs, spiders, dust and even a bit of rain during those hard core slanted rain storms. Then when winter came I threw all our outdoor furniture inside, riding toys, future furniture projects, the wagon and my bike plus burley. For the most part I could access supplies and the way things were organized worked out well. But neither one of us could really work in there, it was depressing.

So this summer my goal has been to fix things up. I started by having my brother put in a new door since the old door and frame were both rotted. Then we took out the utility shelf and had a window put in, we also replaced the old window. The windows were done by Jim’s Glass. I am very pleased with the results, it makes it feel like a real space! My next task is to clear everything out, down size and reorganize. Stay tuned for more updates. To see older studio posts, see the archives here. K