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first shift: the wolf

first shift: the wolf © kristin chapman 2013

This is the first image of a new series I started this year called Shift. I wanted to work on a project that was a bit more conceptual then my previous work. This is something I have always wanted to do but never really took the time, for myself. I am making it a point this year.

The inspiration for this series came from listening to a show on NPR. I have no idea what show it was, I was listening in fragments while driving with child in tow. All I caught was Farmer's Almanac and the names of the full moons. For whatever new age kind of reason that inspired me visually.

This will be a challenging project especially as I get further into it, but I look forward to making each image every month. For added effect, I will do my best to post each image around the full moon. I am a little behind on this one because, well... I was in the woods. k