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i decided to take a picture...

7:28 am (formally 7:30 am) © kristin chapman 2013

Yesterday, I woke up and decided to take a picture with my iphone, 7:30am. While out with the pooch I decided to snap another picture, 9:26 am. I sorted of repeated it throughout the day. Posting a few on instagram but not everything.

9:38 am (formally 9:26am) © kristin chapman 2013
This was not my intention when I first opened my eyes yesterday morning, to document my day in pictures (or at least some of it). The first few were fun, but then it became sort of a task. You start asking yourself, “is this really what I want to take a picture of? and then publish it?” Simply pushing a button, can be harder then one might think. Resisting photographic urges like styling, playing with light or editing can be tricky. And then there is when and what should I photograph? It’s funny how we view our everyday lives and what is picture worthy?

For me, I like taking pictures but I love making pictures. Yesterday’s project reassured that. k


11:58 am (typo from 12:58 pm) © kristin chapman 2013

a word about the pictures: these are all the shots from my day minus the ones that were of basically the same thing. The only filter I used was inkwell except for my lunch which I think was nashville and some soft focus. The ones that were not on instagram I grayscaled in photoshop and cropped squared for consistency. The first image I took of the dresser I left full frame and no edits, I took that same image at different times through out the day.

12:24pm © kristin chapman 20131:14 pm © kristin chapman 2013

1:45 pm (1:42ish) © kristin chapman 20131:57pm © kristin chapman 20132:30pm © kristin chapman 20133:44 pm © kristin chapman 2013

3:49 pm (3:51 pm) © kristin chapman 20133:54 pm © kristin chapman 20135:21 pm © kristin chapman 20135:26 pm © kristin chapman 20136:07 pm © kristin chapman 20136:34 pm (6:33 pm) © kristin chapman 20137:56 pm (7:54pm) © kristin chapman 201311:53 pm (11:51 pm) © kristin chapman 2013