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mini series: the atomic beach

This past weekend, my family and I spent a day at Morro Bay. We played on the beach and admired the large rock, a volcanic plug. As we played on the beach I started snapping some pictures of  my daughter as she leaped, ran and splashed all around me. I mostly thought about the subject and the frame in these pictures. She is a child in constant motion, moving in and out of the frame. An idea I enjoyed exploring.

I also captured the scenery, the bay and the smokestacks behind beach goers. Kinda hard to ignore, as we wade in the shallow waters that surround them.

Once we were home and I looked at the images, I decided to play around in editing. Using Photoshop, I made them monochromatic and stripped them down by pulling information out and then tinted them. The results are eerie and have a nuclear quality to them. I suppose that nearby power plant was somewhat of an influence. This is a little series I refer to as the Atomic Beach. k