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eighth shift: the red haze

eighth shift: the red haze © kristin chapman 2013

eighth shift: the red haze © kristin chapman 2013

August is the month of the Red Moon, named so for the reddish haze that surrounds the red moon after rising. Its also known as green corn moon, grain moon and sturgeon moon. In August I think of heat. I think of Midwestern summers, unbearable humidity and the sound of cicadas. This August has been cool. Although I am grateful for the 80 degree weather and only turning on my a/c twice this month, it hard to visualize sultriness when your wearing a sweater.

As the days of August go by, my head feels heavy and in a constant haze. I spend time in the garden, pulling spent summer crops and planting new seeds. I think of the two big fruit worms I found last month and can’t seem to get the idea of a cocoon out of my head. Something about mediocrity spinning itself into it’s own place for a period of time, only to emerge into something beautiful, then flies away. In August, endings become beginnings and time is temporary. Here you’ll find the Eighth Shift: The Red Haze. k