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i have a shop

I feel like this is so 2008, but hey I still shop on Etsy! In fact I did most of my Christmas shopping on Etsy. I think that is what probably prompt me to just open up my own shop. I have thought about doing this many times, I even signed myself up for a shop 3 years ago but never bothered to do much else but give it a name. So last week I decided to go for it, I spent a few hours over the last few nights setting it up...and here it is:

pictures by kristin on Etsy

At the moment I only have a few items listed and I plan to add a few more. The shop will only carry a few selected unframed prints, maybe note cards and other small gifts. I also offer custom orders on the images available in the shop. So check it out, favor a listing, follow my shop or purchase a print! k