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Last night I stopped by the Harrington Gallery for a special event they held in conjunction with the 1000 Words exhibit. Poets and improv artist were invited to interpret pieces from the show. It was a fun experience to watch someone interpret artwork into a literary response. Two poets were inspired by the Shift Series, so I thought I’d share their poems. I love that they each had such contrasting perspectives, one about motherhood the other a reflection of childhood. It’s just so rare that you get an opportunity to experience a response like that from fellow artists. Thank you so much Julie for putting this event on! k


Motherhood Shift
by Sally Haig

A young woman, bags packed,
ready or not, a life journey is upon her.
Into the wild woods of being a new mother.

Sleep. She never knew she could be this tired.
She moves slowly across the floor at 2 a.m.,
her baby daughter needs a feeding.

Nothing prepares her for this, nothing.
She prevails, she learns, she hangs tough.

She nurtures her seedling,
who becomes a beautiful growing girl.
Who brings her flowers from the garden.



by Diana Fu

The shadows of childhood
Crouch in my mind
In the hallways of old houses
In the corners of old rooms
In empty refrigerators.
At night their shadows are bigger than mine
they wander through the hallways
Hugging teddy bears
Dragging blankets
I want their feet to grow out of children's sneakers.
I want their bodies to be tall as balloon strings.
But when I confront them
It's morning time
And I am looking in the mirror.