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early years and oggl

small wonders: early years © kristin chapman 2013 (iphone4, oggl)

small wonders: early years © kristin chapman 2013 (iphone4, oggl)

I wanted to share this image that I took earlier this week with my iphone using Hipstamatic’s new app Oggl. Oggl is Hipstamatic’s answer to Instagram. It’s their newly designed camera app combined with a social networking platform. I was never a big fan of Hipstamatic. I found it limiting, incorporating to many challenges of actually using a vintage camera but the end result was still a phony digital output. The new app is much easier to use on the camera side and more flexible when processing your images. Of course you still can’t upload from your library. But this is not necessarily bad, limiting yes. But it keeps it to just iphoneography, which I like.

The social networking side is a little tedious to navigate but still fun to explore. Since it is new, there are not as many people on it yet. It reminds me of Instagram when I first got on. Although the app is free, like Hipstamatic there are paid features. This I am warming up too and realizing that might be a way to keep an art form beautiful. When I first got on Instagram it was fun and addicting. I saw it as another tool in my box as a visual artist plus I enjoyed the community aspect as well as the inspiration. I think we have reached that point in the social network era where we need small niche meaningful communities rather then mass self promoting/loathing “networking”. At least I hope that is the direction in which we are heading. Truthfully I am feeling a little lost/anxious/tired with social networking, I could use some honest direction. Wishful thinking? k

Oggl is currently on invite only, which simply means download the app and request an invite. You will receive a code in a few days. Here is the link.

My handle on Oggl is @kristin, if you are curious.