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pickly: infancy

infancy  © kristin chapman 2013

infancy © kristin chapman 2013

I don’t know what sort of wildlife shenanigans transpired in my backyard over the last few days. But the other evening I was watering some plants in the backyard and was startled by an alien like scene of saw dust and grub like creatures on my potting bench. (Wtf?) It took me a minute to realize the gruesome collection were in fact eggs, larvae (what ever the term might be) of the carpenter bee.

My backyard is no stranger to the carpenter bee they love the honeysuckle and have drilled out homes in an old trellis near the garage. I am not sure how they ended up on the potting bench? I am guessing someone was cleaning house? Ouch! My backyard can get pretty brutal at times. But so can the world. k

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