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random acts of kindness

This week we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness, so I wanted to share this little video made by some friends of mine over at PureRED. Instead of just tossing out 500 roses after a photoshoot they handed them out to 250 random people in San Francisco one beautiful day to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week and share the act.

I love that you can do something simple and really make someones day, it doesn't need to be a gift it can be a gesture. For more ideas check out the random acts of kindness foundation site at

What do you do with 500 extra roses? That's exactly the question we asked ourselves when we were left with 500 roses after a photo shoot for one of our clients. Random Acts of Kindness week is February 9th - February 15th, so the PureRED team decided to get rid of the roses in the kindest way we could think of.