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always in progress: resolution-less

© kristin chapman 2015

© kristin chapman 2015

I don’t really make specific resolutions I just try to be a bit better in certain aspects of myself and my life. For the last few months,  I have been working part-time at Minted and making a point to spend some time sketching, exploring and doing small creations that make me happy. I still photograph my children, documenting their milestones and recording their discoveries when I can. But its always hard to decide what to share and what to keep to myself.

I recently read Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work! Kleon makes some interesting points on sharing your work and choosing what to share on social media. I confess I am not only terrible at showing my work or what I am working on but I also suck when it comes to talking about my work or even ideas and thoughts about what I’d like to do or create. So a few months ago I decided to start a 30 day project, in which I explore an idea for 30 days. Sort of like the 365 days projects, except I didn’t want that kinda of pressure.

Good thing too, because when you are a stay at home parent, and one of them is under 2, well some days just don’t go your way. So my 30 day project quickly became 30 pieces. Were I start a project and see it through to at least 30 pieces before I move on.

So if you follow me on instagram you probably have seen some of my daily hand lettered quotes. This came out of teaching myself calligraphy, which quickly became more of a hand lettering project. I’ll have more on that in an upcoming post, along with some images.

For now I’ll leave you with this image I took on a cold October evening on Ocean Beach of my son. Of course I removed the ocean...again! K