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seventh shift: the thunder

seventh shift: the thunder © kristin chapman 2013

seventh shift: the thunder © kristin chapman 2013

Seventh Shift: The Thunder is for this month’s full moon, known as Full Thunder Moon or Full Buck Moon. This time of year  a buck’s antlers will grow and thunder storms are frequent (back east). Where I live (on the west coast), thunderstorms are rare this time of year. However this week we just happen to have a few scatter showers with chance of thunder in the forecast, so timing seems appropriate with last night’s full moon.

I have been looking forward to working on this month’s image since January when I started the Shift series. Although I had lots of ideas, I hadn’t completely taken account for the heaviness and awkwardness of the antlers. This of course presented it’s own set of challenges. But also got me thinking what is it like for the buck when his antlers grow? Does it itch? Is it painful? Is he clumsy for a few days like my daughter is when she has a sudden growth spurt, misjudging the few cm of height? Or does it go unnoticed? Hmmm...

When I was a kid, I can recall the morning of my birthday, my parents would always ask me if I felt any different? What a ridiculous question!?! Do I feel any different from yesterday? I may be a year older but maturity happens over time rarely does it happen instantly, unlike physical growth. The Seventh Shift is for the mature and immature. k