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the disconnect

The Disconnect © Kristin Chapman 2014

The Disconnect © Kristin Chapman 2014

I have a bad habit of starting projects and never finishing them. Some time ago I bought this mid-century telephone chair, also known as a gossip chair with the intent of fixing it up. Of course it sat in the garage collecting dust for quite sometime. That is until last week when I finally decided to paint it.

As I painted, I started thinking of this piece of furniture. Its nostalgia. It’s obsoleteness. Of course that led me to think about how we communicate and connect with each other and the context of those connections. In a time when we are instantly connected to so many at once through social media, the contexts of our conversations and relationships can so easily become a novelty. And when the novelty wears off it leaves us disconnected.

So with my thoughts, it inspired me to make this image with the telephone chair. Which was a fun scene to build. A little messy and smelly with the dirt but totally worth it! k