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the hatchet

The Hatchet © Kristin Chapman 2014

The Hatchet © Kristin Chapman 2014

Last week was a rough one. Many things got broken (accidentally), an exciting opportunity ended up NOT coming to fruition, one annoying conversation keeps replaying in my mind and I got a rejection letter for a juried show. All subjective things, all things which can be replaced and I can move on. Its just frustrating when it all happens in the same week!  Each morning I told myself, "things would be different today" and to be positive. Instead they always ended with some little discouraging detail. So midway through the week I promised myself to make time to shoot for me. And I did, it was a little bit of a struggle but I powered through, doing what I could. I am happy with the results and that alone redeems last week.

For a few months now, I have been wanting to create an image with a hatchet. The hatchet is a very strong symbol for many things that contradict each other. Recently, I have been thinking alot about duality. Duality in people, in myself and in image making. The hatchet is a perfect symbol of duality. Is it a weapon or a tool? Will it create or destroy? Is it a symbol for peace or for war? In this image I play with contrast in the details, dirty and clean, masculine and feminine, light and dark, domestic and wild. It is something I'd like to continue to explore...

till then. k