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Third Shift: The Nightcrawler

Third Shift: The Nightcrawler  from the  Shift Series , 2013 © Kristin Chapman

Third Shift: The Nightcrawler from the Shift Series, 2013 © Kristin Chapman

The last few months have been tough, but I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. Originally, I had taken a completely different image for the Third Shift. Once everything was said and done I wasn't really feeling the image worked with the series, so I went back to the drawing board and shot this image a few weeks ago.

The Third Shift is dedicated to the full moon in March, which is commonly known as Full Worm’s Moon or Lenten Moon. The ground is thawed by day, yet still frozen by night. Earthworm casting can commonly be seen. March’s full moon is considered the last full moon of the winter.

The Third Shift is a period of transition going from winter to spring, cold to warm, barren trees to lush green almost overnight. It is an in-between place, a temporary moment in our lives. I took this in my hallway, which is the perfect background for a transitional place. My hallway happens to have 8 doors only 5 of them lead you somewhere but all 8 have a purpose.

The idea of the worm intrigued me the most visually and metaphorically. A body that moves through the earth blindly with so much purpose and necessity is both inspiring and frightening. I use the term "nightcrawler" instead of worm simply because it carries more weight and perfectly illustrates the idea of someone who spends their nights in search for what is already known. Third Shift: The Nightcrawler is an ode to those in-between moments. Awake or restless. k