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where the ladybugs sleep

I celebrated the last day of 2015 by dragging my family out to Redwood Regional Park in Oakland in search of hibernating ladybugs. I say drag, because this hike is f* cold! And my oldest always starts the hike off with bellyaching. I don't know what it is that sets her off, maybe it's just her age but it takes a good 1/2 mile in or so before she switches gears. And by the time we get to the top of the hill where most of them are, she is all about the ladybugs. She's got a name for each and everyone of them! And the hike back down is always bliss!

Anyways I wanted to share some pictures I took this year, because I think its really neat experience for kids and grown-ups. Although it is a cold walk in the woods, it is a beautiful hike. Plus a good portion of the trail is paved making it nice for strollers and riding toys. You can see the ladybugs in Redwood Regional Park, Park at the Canyon Meadow Staging Area, the ladybugs are usually where Stream Trail and Prince trail meet. And please watch where you step. k